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TV Land ActiveRecord Associations Lab


  1. Create and modify tables using ActiveRecord migrations.
  2. Build associations between models using Active Record macros.


In this lab, we'll be working with a TV show domain model. We will have a show, network and character model. They will be associated in the following way:

  • An actor has many characters and has many shows through characters.
  • A character belongs to an actor and belongs to a show.
  • A show has many characters and has many actors through characters.

We've given you a few migrations in the db/migrate directory to create the networks and shows table, but you'll have to add additional tables and modify these existing tables as per the guidelines below.

Remember to run rake db:migrate in the terminal before you run your tests and after you make any new migrations!


spec/actor_spec.rb and spec/character_spec.rb

  • Write a migration for the actors table. An actor should have a first_name and a last_name.
  • Write a migration for the characters table. A character should have a name and a show_id––a character will belong to a show.
  • Associate the Actor model with the Character and Show model. An actor should have many characters and many shows through characters.
  • Write a method in the Actor class, #full_name, that returns the first and last name of an actor.
  • Write a method in the Actor class, #list_roles, that lists all of the characters that actor has.
  • Write a migration that adds the column catchphrase to your character model.
  • Define a method in the Character class, #say_that_thing_you_say, using a given character's catchphrase.


  • Write a migration for the shows table. A show should have a name and a genre.
  • Create the neccesary associations between shows, networks, and characters.


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