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ActiveRecord Validations Lab

Basic Validations

Add validations to these models such that...

  1. All authors have a name
  2. No two authors have the same name
  3. Author phone numbers are exactly ten digits
  4. All posts have a title
  5. Post content is at least 250 characters long
  6. Post summary is a maximum of 250 characters
  7. Post category is either Fiction or Non-Fiction

Custom Validations

Finally, add a custom validator to Post that ensures the title is sufficiently clickbait-y. If the title does not contain "Won't Believe", "Secret", "Top [number]", or "Guess", the validator should return false.

This step requires an inclusion validator, which was not outlined in the README lesson. You'll need to refer to the Rails guide to look up how to use it.

For future projects, it's a good idea to skim the list of available options, because it will give you a sense of what's available, and help with creating validations for your own model objects.

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