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Hello World


  • Create a Controller
  • Create an element for Controller binding
  • Create a public $scope method
  • Display the $scope value in the View


Update the Learn gem so that you're set up for all Angular tests. Run gem update learn-test in your command line.

Setup the directory structure as follows:

├── js/
│   ├── app/
│   │   ├── controllers/
│   │   ├── app.js
│   ├── angular.js
├── index.html

You can find index.html and angular.js in this repo.

Create a new module in js/app/app.js, named app.

Create a controller named MainController inside js/app/controllers/MainController.js and attach it to a module named app. The function should take one parameter - $scope.

Don't forget to initiate our module app using ng-app on a HTML element - otherwise we won't see anything!

Initiate our controller MainController using ng-controller on a HTML element inside our previous one.

Inside MainController, assign some values to the $scope object. You could copy our previous example - create the properties name, email and phone.

Now, we need to display these values inside our HTML. Using {{ }} (double curlys), display the values you created.