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Injecting a Service


  • Create a $timeout that updates the View


Let's inject one of Angular's built in services into our controller.

For this lab, we're going to make use of $timeout. $timeout allows us to create timeouts (similar to setTimeout) in our applications whilst ensuring that any changes to our model done inside a timeout gets reflected in the view.

$timeout accepts the same parameters as setTimeout - a function and an integer for how many milliseconds delay.

$timeout(function () {
	// this would be fired after 2 seconds!
}, 2000);

Fork and clone this repository to get started.

Let's create our controller inside ContactController.js, this should have two parameters - $scope and $timeout (it doesn't matter what order you put them in, if you don't believe me - try it!).

Attach the controller to our app module.

Now, inside our controller, set $ to your name. We previously touched on using controllerAs, but as we need to use two simple services for this lab, we will be using $scope.

Below that, set a $timeout for 5 seconds. Inside the function, set $ to something else.

Open up index.html and wait 5 seconds - you'll see the view get updated with our new name!