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A WordPress site and custom theme using Bedrock and Sage
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DigitalOcean, LAMP, Ubuntu 16.04, WordPress, Bedrock, Sage, Bootstrap 3, SCSS

System Dependencies

Always run apt update before installing dependencies.

  1. PHP 7
  2. MySQL
  3. NPM 8+

Setup Steps

  1. Clone this repository
  2. See to learn more about it
  3. Build dependencies with composer install
  4. In the theme folder run npm install && npm run build
  5. cp .env.example .env; add database credentials and salts
  6. Point your server at the /web directory
  7. Install WordPress by visiting the link

Inside the WP Admin

  1. Create a category called "comics", and set at least one post to have that category.
  2. Set default post type to image and default category to comics.
  3. Set the Permalink type to /sample-post/ (aka /%postname%/).
  4. If the .htaccess file is not writeable, you will need to paste in some content at the bottom of this screen.
  5. Create a menu with items for "About", "Archive" and "Store", and give them the title attributes sprite-about, sprite-archive and sprite-store. Check the box for "Primary Navigation" to activate some hacky styling found in _sprites.css. (See screencap in docs/.)
  6. Date format is the default jS F Y
  7. Disable comments site-wide (they're handled by FB comments via Javascript)
  8. Enable the plugins!
  9. To make the Autoptimize plugin work, you need to create a directory web/app/cache and web/app/cache/autoptimize and then chown www-data:www-data web/app/cache/autoptimize so the Autoptimize plugin can write minified CSS and JS to the cache folder.
  10. Under "Media" in the WP admin, set "Large size images" to have a max width of 780, and max height of 1560.
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