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Linear Lambda Calculus using DbLib

This is a mechanical formalisation of a (Purely) Linear Lambda Calculus using the Coq theorem prover.

It makes use of François Pottier's DbLib for de Bruijn indices.

I completed this formalisation as part of my honours thesis in computer science at UNSW.

Source Layout

  • DbLib - my fork of DbLib with a few minor changes (lowering added)
  • Linear - a collection of universal definitions about context splitting
  • Syntax.v - types, terms and substitution for PLLC
  • Typing.v - typing judgements for PLLC
  • SmallStepSemantics.v - small-step operational semantics for PLLC
  • Progress.v - proof of type soundness
  • Subst.v - proof of the substitution lemma for PLLC
  • Preservation.v - proof of type preservation, relying on the substitution lemma
  • Soundness.v - proof of soundness, relying on progress and preservation


  • Coq v8.4. I've tested with 8.4pl5 specifically, on OS X.

Build Instructions

$ git clone --recursive
$ make

The recursive Git clone just ensures that DbLib gets pulled in.

Stepping Through Interactively

Once you've run make you should be able to step through any individual file using CoqIDE or an editor of your choice. You just have to make sure to pass the -R . LLC option to the Coq process at some point. For CoqIDE you can pass this flag via the command-line.

$ coqide -R . LLC .