Fast generic radix trie implemented in Rust
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Rust Radix Trie

Build Status

This is a Radix Trie implementation in Rust, building on the lessons learnt from TrieMap and Sequence Trie. You can read about my experience implementing this data structure here.

Help Wanted, Enquire Within

Since writing this code I haven't used it in anger (or production) so it is no doubt in need of some maintenance, testing and optimisation love. If you would like to help out, try solving an open issue, optimise something, or just have a poke around! Thanks :)


  • Compressed nodes. Common key prefixes are stored only once.
  • Trie-specific methods to look-up closest ancestors and descendants.
  • Key Generic. Any type that can be serialised as a vector of bytes can be used as a key.
  • Safe - no unsafe code.



Available on as radix_trie.

Just add radix_trie to the dependencies section of your Cargo.toml, like so:

radix_trie = "0.1"


Made by:


MIT License. Copyright © Michael Sproul and contributors 2015-2018.