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#Modified and simplified version of
$thumbprint = "{Your Cert's Thumbprint}"
$myCert = Get-Item cert:\\CurrentUser\My\$thumbprint
$subscriptionId = "{Your Subscription Id}"
$subscriptionName = "{Your Subscription Name}"
$webroleservice = "{Your Web Role Name}"
$workerroleservice = "{Your Worker Role Name}"
$slot = "staging" #staging or production
$package = "{Path of your Azure project}\bin\Release\app.publish\{Your Project}.cspkg"
$configuration = {Path of your Azure project}\bin\Release\app.publish\ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg"
$timeStampFormat = "g"
Write-Output "Running Azure Imports"
Import-Module "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Azure\PowerShell\Azure\Azure.psd1"
Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile "{Path where you stored your azure setting\Azure.publishsettings"
function Publish(){
PublishInternal $webroleservice
PublishInternal $workerroleservice
function PublishInternal($service){
Write-Output "Publising"
Write-Output $service
Set-AzureSubscription -CurrentStorageAccount $service -SubscriptionName $subscriptionName -SubscriptionId $subscriptionId -Certificate $myCert
Write-Output "Set-AzureSubscription"
$deploymentLabel = "ContinuousDeploy to $service v%build.number%"
Write-Output $deploymentLabel
$deployment = Get-AzureDeployment -ServiceName $service -Slot $slot -ErrorVariable a -ErrorAction silentlycontinue
Write-Output a
if ($a[0] -ne $null) {
Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - No deployment is detected. Creating a new deployment. "
if ($deployment.Name -ne $null) {
#Update deployment inplace (usually faster, cheaper, won't destroy VIP)
Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - Deployment exists in $servicename. Upgrading deployment."
UpgradeDeployment $service $deploymentLabel
} else {
CreateNewDeployment $service $deploymentLabel
function CreateNewDeployment($service, $deploymentLabel)
write-progress -id 3 -activity "Creating New Deployment" -Status "In progress"
Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - Creating New Deployment: In progress"
$opstat = New-AzureDeployment -Slot $slot -Package $package -Configuration $configuration -label $deploymentLabel -ServiceName $service
$completeDeployment = Get-AzureDeployment -ServiceName $service -Slot $slot
$completeDeploymentID = $completeDeployment.deploymentid
write-progress -id 3 -activity "Creating New Deployment" -completed -Status "Complete"
Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - Creating New Deployment: Complete, Deployment ID: $completeDeploymentID"
function UpgradeDeployment($service, $deploymentLabel)
write-progress -id 3 -activity "Upgrading Deployment" -Status "In progress"
Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - Upgrading Deployment: In progress"
# perform Update-Deployment
$setdeployment = Set-AzureDeployment -Upgrade -Slot $slot -Package $package -Configuration $configuration -label $deploymentLabel -ServiceName $service -Force
$completeDeployment = Get-AzureDeployment -ServiceName $service -Slot $slot
$completeDeploymentID = $completeDeployment.deploymentid
write-progress -id 3 -activity "Upgrading Deployment" -completed -Status "Complete"
Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - Upgrading Deployment: Complete, Deployment ID: $completeDeploymentID"
Write-Output "Create Azure Deployment"