li3_access provides a way to selectively release features.
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This library is now maintained at

Feature toggle library for the Lithium framework.

Feature toggling lets you turn features on and off by changing a configuration setting. This library allows simple Boolean feature toggles, feature toggles based on the result of a function, and feature toggles based on the current environment.


Checkout the code to your library directory:

cd libraries
git clone

Include the library in in your /app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php


Add feature detectors to your app in config/bootstrap/features.php (or somewhere that makes sense for you).


Named features are added using Features::add() along with their detector, which decides whether the feature should be active for the current request. Features can be turned on or off with a simple Boolean detector, calculated in some way with a closure detector, or be sensitive to the current environment by passing an array of environment and detector pairs.

Basic usage with Boolean detector

	// `config/bootstrap/features.php`
	Features::add('new_ui', true);

	// `controllers/Main.php`
	if (Features::check('new_ui')) {
		$template = 'add_new_ui';
	} else {
		$template = 'add';

Closure detector

	// `config/bootstrap/features.php`
	Features::add('new_ui', function() {
			// Logic here to decide if the feature should be enabled.
			// Return true to enable and false to disable.

Environment-specific detectors

	// `config/bootstrap/features.php`
	Features::add('new_ui', array(
		'production' => false,
		'development' => true,
		'staging' => function() {
			// Logic here to decide if the feature should be enabled.


Michael C. Harris

The original author of this library.

GitHub: michaeltwofish

Website: Twofish Creative