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The Lithium JUnit plugin provides JUnit formatted test output for consumption by other tools, such as the Hudson Continuous Integration server.

  1. Installation #
- Clone the plugin to your app's libraries directory:

 `$ cd /path/to/li3_app/libraries && git clone`

- Add the plugin to your libraries.php (/path/to/li3_app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php):


  1. Usage #
- Console output

To return JUnit output on the command line, use the `li3` utility with the `junit` command. This accepts `case` and `group` arguments in the same format as the built-in `test` command.

For example, to run your User model tests run the following command:

`li3 junit --case=li3 junit --case=app.tests.cases.models.UserTest`

Note that you may have to add the `li3` command to your `$PATH` or specify the full path to it.

- Web output

To return JUnit over HTTP, specify the reporter and format, for example, as follows: