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// HHService.h
// Part of Hejsan-Hoppsan-Services :
// Created by Tobias on 2011-11-02.
// Copyright (c) 2011 Leafnode AB. All rights reserved.
#import "HHServiceSupport.h"
@class HHService;
@protocol HHServiceDelegate <NSObject>
- (void) serviceDidResolve:(HHService*)service;
- (void) serviceDidNotResolve:(HHService*)service;
@interface HHService : HHServiceSupport
@property (nonatomic, assign) id<HHServiceDelegate> delegate;
@property (nonatomic, retain, readonly) NSString* name;
@property (nonatomic, retain, readonly) NSString* type;
@property (nonatomic, retain, readonly) NSString* domain;
@property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL includeP2P;
@property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL resolved;
@property (nonatomic, retain, readonly) NSString* resolvedHostName;
@property (nonatomic, retain, readonly) NSArray* resolvedAddresses;
@property (nonatomic, retain, readonly) NSData* txtData;
@property (nonatomic, assign, readonly) uint16_t port;
- (id) initWithName:(NSString*)svcName type:(NSString*)svcType domain:(NSString*)svcDomain;
- (id) initWithName:(NSString*)svcName type:(NSString*)svcType domain:(NSString*)svcDomain includeP2P:(BOOL)includeP2P;
- (void) beginResolve;
- (void) endResolve;