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My name is Stuart Simon. I am trying to write a plugin that adds a meta box that allows users to add files with descriptions to a post type. What I need is to allow my repeating group to have zero length. I cannot set any of the fields in my repeating group to be required because at least one record is always there. The key is that this is bad data design. I don't want meaningless records clogging my database.
I want to use your plugin because it allows adding custom attributes to its fields. I don't remember if nested repeatables are supported, but I thought of plugins other than CMB2 that allow me to set field attributes directly. ## Type of issue

  • Bug report.
  • Suggestion.


  • I have searched for similar issues in both open and closed tickets and cannot find a duplicate,
  • The issue still exists against the latest dev branch.
  • This is not a usage question (Those should be directed to the community).
  • I have attempted to find the simplest possible steps to reproduce the issue.

Steps to reproduce the issue (for Bug report)

Expected behavior and actual behavior

When I follow those steps, I see...

I was expecting...



  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

Operating System

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Mobile


  • Admin Page Framework version:
  • WordPress version:
  • PHP version:

Isolating the problem

  • This bug happens on the demo page.
  • The bug happens consistently across all tested browsers.
  • This bug happens with clean install (with the default theme and no plugin except the problematic one).

Hi Stuart,

What I need is to allow my repeating group to have zero length.

I don't understand this part. Can you elaborate?

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