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- Simplify the tick timer code by using round() instead of floor() to handle the variance in exact fire times
- Bump version to 1.5.5

Co-authored-by: Ali Karbassi <>

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A simple Timer app for Mac

Download here

Drag the blue arrow to set a timer. Release to start! Click to pause.

When the time is up, a notification will show up with a nice sound.

Create new timers with CMD+N.

Install as a cask via brew cask install michaelvillar-timer.

Inspired by the great Minutes widget from Nitram-nunca I've been using for years. But it wasn't maintained anymore (non-retina) + it was the only widget in my dashboard :)

Timer requires macOS 10.11 or later.



Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter digits to set minutes. A decimal point specifies seconds so 2.34 is 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

backspace or escape to edit. enter to start or pause the timer. cmd+n to create a new timer. r to restart with the last timer.

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