Articles for each of the elements in the periodic table
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Periodic Articles

This repository is a collection of articles, created for use on my website

Please contribute an article or correction if you have time.


Using git

Fork the repository, make your changes, commit with a description of the changes and open a pull request.

Articles should be written in a markdown format and should follow the style shown in, aiming to contain a similar amount of detail.

Not using git

Please first check the /en/elements folder to see which articles have already been written.

You can either send me articles via email( or upload them to my Google Drive. From here I will upload the articles and add them to my site.

Please aim to cover all the areas covered in the article for Lithium.

Also feel free to email me or upload a document to the google drive with an expansion to an article.


This project is licensed under creative commons so feel free to use it for your projects, provided you include attribution. If you do use this, I would appreciate you encouraging users to contribute if possible.

Future Additions

  • When there are more articles I will look at organising translations of languages already written
  • I will add a location to upload images to.