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How it works

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You have two options:

  1. recommended - Go to releases, download, upload it in your wordpress installation as plugin
  2. Install the video-embed-privacy plugin from Wordpress - It receives updates, but may not be as up to date as github, since the WP update process is relatively complicated and I don't have the time to do this for every minor change.


Normally, no settings are required. You can adjust the texts that are displayed to users when the video is shown if you want to.


Post your videos as Embed tags or youtube video link. They will automatically be detected then
[embed ...]

Technical details

This plugin does the following:

  • It prevents the embed code from being included in your website. This prevents the browser from sending any data to Youtube when your page is visited.
  • It shows the preview image, a play button and a short privacy notice instead of the video
  • The preview image is proxied over your server. That way, no information about whom visited your site is transferred to youtube. A special hash takes care that this mechanism is only used for videos you included in your blog.

As soon as the user clicks the play link, the following happens:

  • The embed code is loaded. A connection to youtube is established using the nocookie-Domain
  • The video playback is started as soon as the player is loaded.


You can enable caching. Then, the preview images are stored on your server. This reduces loading time and saves bandwidt. You should only do this if you know which videos you include and are sure that the preview images don't get you in any copyright trouble (e.g. they are your own videos).