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Tracks your current Spotify song and updates your Slack status with song information
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Spotify Slack Listener

Combines Spotify and Slack Api to update your Slack status with your current playing song on Spotify.

  • Slack Api
  • Spotify Api
  • Demo - A demo of this project, it's on a really lightweight server so please don't overload. App is unapproved on Slack.

Setup Instructions

Create apps for Slack & Spotify

Create an app on Slack:

Create an app on Spotify:

Add the valid redirect uris:
Slack: https://localhost:5001/slack-callback
Spotify: https://localhost:5001/spotify-callback

Update project with your client id & secrets

Update app settings to include your client ids and secrets, you can modify the appsettings.json, update user secrets, or set environment variables.

"Slack": {
  "ClientId": "<Insert Slack Client Id>",
  "ClientSecret": "<Insert Slack Client Secret>"
"Spotify": {
  "ClientId": "<Insert Spotify Client Id>",
  "ClientSecret": "<Insert Spotify Client Secret>"

Create SqlServer database and update connection string

I've included a docker-compose file to create a SqlServer locally on port 5433. Start the instance by docker-compose up. If you wish to use your own database you must update the connection string in the app settings.

Migrations are automatic, and it will generate the users table.

"ConnectionStrings": {
  "DefaultConnection": "Server=localhost,5433;Database=SpotifySlackListener;User Id=sa;Password=Pass@word"

Launch website

Website is bound to http port 5000 and https port 5001 for development, port 80/443 for production. https://localhost:5001/

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