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Create tables with pagination and filter functions.


  • Filter by Dropdown and Fulltext-Search
  • Pagination (mobile and full)
  • Auto page switch


jQuery > 1.9

Configuation Variables

  • data-pagination: Elements per page on a normal webpage (width > 840)
  • data-repsonsive: Elements per page on a mobile webpage (width <= 840)
  • data-autorotate: If set then rotation in seconds
  • data-switches Disable (data-switches="0") oder enable (data-switches="1") next / previous switches
  • data-anchor Set data-anchor=1 to add an hash anchor to the URL.
  • data-animation Set data-animation = 1 to enable an scroll animation

Add Custom Switches

Add the class "tf-pagination-switch-move" to your custom switch div / img / etc. Add also the attribute "data-direction" with the value -1 for previous and +1 for next.

Change Log

0.3 > 0.4

  • scroll animation
  • smooth height reduce
  • row color starts new on every page
  • anchors
  • fixes