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Some edge cases for unit tests

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michal-franc committed May 27, 2014
1 parent 50661ac commit 3422fa015188e7e624a599c2b37648c4f66d7225
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  1. +11 −3 TddStringCalculator/TddStringCalculator/StringCalculatorTests.cs
@@ -93,11 +93,19 @@ public void Sum_ignores_number_greater_than_1000()
Assert.That(actual, Is.EqualTo(expected));

public void MultiCharDelimeter_Is_Supported()
[TestCase(" ")]
public void MultiCharDelimeter_Is_Supported(string delimiter)
var calculator = new StringCalculator();
var value = "//;;;\n1;;;2;;;3;;;4";
var value = string.Format("//{0}\n1{0}2{0}3{0}4", delimiter);

var actual = calculator.SumFromString(value);

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