Test program to receive images from Canon PowerShot S120 over WiFi
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This is a test program to receive photos from a WiFi-enabled Canon PowerShot
S120 (and, with some luck, also other models). It has been made by
reverse engineering the network traffic when using the CameraWindow
Android application.

The program consists of two parts: 'wphoto' arranges fro the UPnP
discovery of the camera and the computer. 'imink.pl' does the actual
image transfer. Transfers must be initiated by the camera currently. To
build 'wphoto', you will need the libupnp library
(http://pupnp.sourceforge.net/). The 'imink.pl' requires a few perl


These should be pretty standard.

Connect your camera and your machine to the same subnet. Make sure that
ports 49152 (UPnP) and 8615 (imink) are open. Start 'wphoto' and
'imink.pl' simultaneously. Start WiFi on the camera. After connecting
to the AP, you should see your computer's hostname as an option. Connect
to it and send some images. If all goes well, 'imink.pl' will save the
images to the current directory.

There are many. This is just a test program.