MooTools plugin that easily allows slightly more robust chaining
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Chain.Runnable adds a "run" method to Chain. This method behaves like Chain::chain except that it also calls callChain if and only if the chain is not already running. This can be used in complex cases to maintain a robust chain.

For example, a page may have many clickable components, where a click on each is designed to execute a chain that should not be executed concurrently with other actions.


How to use

Use just as Chain::chain, but no need to subsequently call callChain to get the chain going.

Often this will be in response to the user clicking on an element

var myChain = new Chain.Runnable();
someElement.addEvent('click', function() {[
    function() {
      // Do something, that when finished calls myChain.callChain()
    function() {
      // Do something else, that when finished calls myChain.callChain()

Why to use

This class takes care of "remembering" if the chain is running, and so is a quick & easy way of keeping chains that run in response to user action robust.