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Angular 4 - My very first application

TypeScript basics and Angular 4 short

This repository contains simple Angular application with few exercises in it - which are created for workshops purpose.

👋 Keep in mind that this code and workshops does not cover lot of fields, nor it doesn't have all-best practices. It is a nice and easy introduction to Angular applications development.

Presentation in .pdf

Where to go next with learning Angular?

It might sound too obvious - but do official Tour of heroes tutorial. It is really well written (👏👏👏) and always up to date!

Just grab it here

Preconditions before you run anything here:

  1. clone the repository
  2. install nodejs (if you don't have it) from

How to run notes-app

  1. install globally @angular/cli npm package (if you don't have it)
    • run npm install -g @angular/cli from console
  2. go to notes-app folder
    • install all packages by npm install
    • run application by npm start
  3. enjoy the 🎆

How to run typescript-examples

Distribution is versioned here.

Go to typescript-examples folder and just run npm start.

But if you want to compile it, then:
  1. go to typescript-examples
  2. install dependencies by npm install
  3. compile by npm run compile
  4. run app by npm start


Angular 4 workshops @ Goyello.




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