Application used for Angular JS training in Future Processing
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Angular JS Training

This application is used for Angular JS training in Future Processing.


To run the project, you need to have node.js installed on your machine. Head over to to get the latest version.

To install the dependencies, open the console, enter the project's directory and type in npm install. This will fetch the libraries from the NPM repository Then you can start the application by node app.

Running the server

Executing node app will start up the web server on local port 3000. Open your browser and type in http:\localhost:3000 in the address bar to see the site.

Running the tests

Before first run, you need to install the Protractor's Webdriver. To do this, go to node_modules\protractor\bin inside of the project's directory (or node_modules\grunt-protractor-runner\node_modules\protractor\bin, if you are using npm 2.x) and type in node webdriver-manager update.

Protractor depends on Java, so make sure you have JRE installed and available on PATH.

The easiest way to run the tests is to type in grunt test. This task runs both Karma unit tests and Protractor E2E tests (make sure the application server is running before executing E2E tests). You may also run the suites separately: grunt karma:dev starts up the unit tests and grunt protractor:dev launches end to end tests.

The dev configuration uses the console reporter. If you wish to have a XML file with test results, run grunt karma:ci or grunt protractor:ci, respectively. Test results will be available under test/results directory (please note that the tests may fail if this directory does not exist).

What's more, unit tests may also be started in a watch mode. Executing grunt karma:watch starts up Karma and watches for file changes. If either source code or test is changed, all the tests are run immediately.

Additional resources

For a summary of directive communication methods take a look at and