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v1.0.0 RC2

This release fixes a problem in ServerDataProvider unit tests.

v1.0.0 RC1

This release has been tested with Angular 1.6.5.

Breaking changes

  • Extracted lgPageSizeOptions directive from lgPager
  • lgView cannot span across multiple elements anymore
  • Changed the default view name from "read" to "default"

New features

  • Removed jQuery dependency
  • ServerDataProvider methods return promises
  • Added success and error handlers to ServerDataProvider

Bug fixes

  • Rewritten lgView to work with Angular 1.5 and 1.6
  • View model is regenerated every time a view is changed


  • Fixed improper label in pager


  • Added bower.json and build artifacts


Breaking changes

  • Removed the lgColumn, lgColumnTemplates and lgHeaderView directives
  • Added the lgRow directive instead
  • Restricted the lgGrid directive to an attribute
  • Replaced the rowData, rowController, view and viewModel scope properties with a row object containing data, controller, view and viewModel fields
  • Removed the lgSortableColumn, lgEditableColumn and lgBoundColumn template directives

New features

  • ng-repeat - like properties ($index, $odd, $even, etc.) now available in row scope
  • lgView now can span across multiple elements (with ng-view-start and ng-view-end)
  • Added a grid object to grid and row scopes containing data and controller fields
  • The grid can be built on an arbitrary HTML element, not just a table

Thanks to these changes, it was possible to reduce the size of the script significantly (from 15 kB to 12 kB minified).


Breaking changes

  • Renamed the lightGrid directive to lgGrid
  • Renamed the persistData directive to lgPersistData
  • Renamed the switchView directive to lgSwitchView
  • Restricted lgPersistData, lgToggleExpandedRow and lgSwitchView directives to attributes

New features

  • Added the ServerDataProvider
  • Added the page size chooser to lgPager
  • Updated Angular JS version to 1.4.1 in tests
  • Added the changelog

Also added several unit tests and refactored the internals of the grid.


The first public release of Light Grid.


  • custom cell templates
  • paging
  • sorting
  • search
  • expandable details
  • dynamic column visibility
  • inline data edit
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