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Pintograph simulator

This is a pintograph simulator inspired by Alfred Hoehn's machines.


See it in action on Currently the GUI allows to set several parameters of the drives - radius and rotation speed. More customization options are to come. To start, simply press the Run button. If you'd like to see the pintograph drives and arms, select the Show overlay checkbox. Each subsequent press in the Run button speeds up the animation. The Run faster button makes it even faster. The Step button advances the animation by just one step (the animation has to be paused to be able to see its effect). The Pause and Clear buttons are self-explanatory, I guess. However you may download a copy of the project and change the parameters in JavaScript file (aim for setup.js) by yourself. The file contains several exemplary setups.

It looks the best in Firefox. Chrome renders more jagged lines.


Kudos to Fran McConville for a pintograph description and a spreadsheet with calculations. I made several changes to the original calculation methods but it was a huge help for me.

What's next

The ultimate goal is to allow to build the complete pintograph using the GUI. Hopefully, I'll find some time to achieve this ;)


Pintograph simulator in Javascript




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