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Bad Blaster

Small game using OCaml and SDL. Fly a ship, shoot other ships.

Done by Michalis Kamburelis, as a project for OCaml lecture on my University . This was my first larger project in OCaml, and I think it turned out pretty good :) This shows that making a "real" program, that interfaces with an external library (SDL) in C, and has some inherently imperative parts (game loop) is still a pleasure in OCaml. While small parts of this code use imperative features, most of the code is nicely functional. And the whole is a nice, strictly-typed code.


  • Install OCaml and OCaml bindings for SDL. Under Debian this is as simple as "apt-get install ocaml libsdl-ocaml-dev"
  • Compile by simple "make" in the main directory. The first run should generate Makefile.dep using ocamldep, then compile everything using ocamlc.
  • Run "make install" to install a symlink $HOME/ necessary to play the game.
  • Run game simply by "./badBlaster" or "./bb800x600" (the latter makes full-screen best for our game).

License: GNU GPL >= 2. Except: Some of the data (images) has a different license, and for some images the origin (and license) is lost in time. If you're interested in tracking the exact licenses and sources for these images, and eventually replacing them with files on clear open-source licenses, you're most welcome to contact Michalis :)


Small game using OCaml and SDL. Fly a ship, shoot other ships.




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