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Re-factored code a bit, fixed bug with additional nodes not being add…

…ed to cluster, and allowed more wait time for public IP/ssh availability
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Michal Klos authored


Python script using Fabric and Boto to manage deploy of a Vertica cluster into AWS.

It creates a standalone VPC environment. One node is designated as the Internet Gateway and the bootstrap node where the administrative commands are run.


Python Packages:

    pip install fabric
    pip install boto

Boto Configuration File:


AWS PEM file


Vertica License file


SSH Keys



check whats going on

       fab --set region='us-east-1',cluster_name='my_vertica_cluster' print_status

deploy a new cluster

      fab --set region='us-east-1',cluster_name='my_vertica_cluster' deploy_cluster:total_nodes=3

deploy a new cluster using an existing elastic ip for bootstrap/gateway instance

      fab --set region='us-east-1',cluster_name='my_vertica_cluster' deploy_cluster:total_nodes=3,eip_allocation_id=eipalloc-xxxxxx

deploy to an existing vpc cluster, it will consider the gateway node to be the bootstrap if there are existing nodes in the cluster, it will attempt to bring the number of nodes in the cluster to total_nodes

      fab --set region='us-east-1',cluster_name='my_vertica_cluster' deploy_cluster:total_nodes=3,vpc_id=vpc-xxxxxxxx

terminate cluster

      fab --set region='us-east-1',cluster_name='my_vertica_cluster' terminate_cluster:vpc_id=vpc-xxxxxxxx
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