A Haskell library for Approximating Exact Real Numbers (AERN) based on interval computation. (aern2 is a rewrite of aern.)
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A set of Haskell packages for exact real number computation.

A quick start guide

Library packages

  • aern2-mp: Multiple-precision ball arithmetic based on MPFR (fairly complete)

  • aern2-real: Cauchy real numbers (fairly complete)

  • aern2-fun: Real functions and their polynomial enclosures (work in progress, not built by default)

  • aern2-fun-plot: Plotting of real functions in browser (currently broken)


  • aern2-fnreps: Benchmark comparison of representations of continuous functions

  • aern2-bench-chart: Produce performance charts using data from a csv file. Used internally, eg in aern2-fnreps and aern2-fun.

Significant dependencies

  • mixed-types-num: Bottom-up-typed numerical expressions

  • hmpfr: A binding to the C MPFR (Multiple-Precision Floating-point computations with correct Rounding) library

  • rounded: A newer and faster binding to MPFR. See aern2-mp for information on how to switch to this backend.

Other references

  • haskell-reals-comparison: Benchmark(s) comparing the performance of Haskell libraries for exact real computation (work in progress)