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Extension for exoplayer to soft decoding HEVC/H265 video using OpenHEVC
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Soft Decode HEVC/H265 video using OpenHEVC

Known issue

  1. playable but not smooth (STATUS: DONE. due to pts not correct set)
  2. video renderring is not correct sometimes when seeking is performed) (STATUS: DONE. due to needs flush decoder when seek performed)
  3. potential frame drop at play ends (STATUS: DONE. Fixed)
  4. seek in video is very slow (STATUS: DONE. due to the default extract seek setting parameter in exoplayer)
  5. more yuv format support, only YUV420 is handled currently(STATUS: DONE. yuv422 and yuv 444 is supported now)~~
  6. jni performance improvements (STATUS: DONE. decode and render frame now in a single jni call, performance improved 4x)
  7. native drawing using ANativeWindow improve data copy and yuv rgb conversion performance (STATUS: WIP.)
  8. drm support(STATUS: WAIT.)


The OpenHEVC Project

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