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compile haml to html instantly in vim
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compile haml to html instantly in vim Haml-instant screenshot


You need a tool to convert haml to html file. The official one is haml gem. And a js version developed by Tim Caswell.Haml-instant supports both of them.

  1. To install the official one, please execute gem install haml in your console
  2. To install the js version, please checkout and install them to your vim

If both of them is installed. The js version will takes precedence in Windows system, ruby version in *nix and mac.

Commands & Keymaps

  • Command OpenPreview - open the preview window
  • Command ClosePreview - close the preview window
  • Keymap <Leader>op - open the preview window
  • Keymap <Leader>cp - close the preview window
  • Keymap <Leader>tp - toggle the preview window
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