• Nov 20, 2012


    0.0.3: rewrite to prevent holding onto processed data; some API changes
    Functions + macro meant for public consumption in the current version:
      * parse
      * parse-string
      * process-json
      * define-json-processor
    The lazy tree representation is gone from the public interface for
    now; Jackson's parse events streams are now handled directly (the
    parse and parse-string functions now produce seqs of parse events in
    Clojure-friendly form). Note that the lazy tree infrastructure is
    still being used to perform JSON-to-Clojure conversions for the
    benefit of callback functions.
  • Apr 6, 2012


    * improved documentation
    * simple lazy seqs used by default (queue-based variants available)
    * no reflection in clj-lazy-json.core
    * bug fixes