Python module for converting SuperMemo collections to Anki
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sm2anki is a Python module designed to convert SuperMemo collections containing audio files to Anki. sm2anki has been tested with:

  • Python 2.7.3
  • Anki 1.2.8
  • SuperMemo 2006 (Build 13.02)


  1. Export your collection from SuperMemo using File -> Export -> As Text. If prompted, do not export the learning process or the repetition history.
  2. Run on the command line providing three arguments:
    1. source: This is the full path to the file exported from SuperMemo in step 1, e.g.: c:/sm_export.txt
    2. media_directory: This is the full path (including the trailing slash) to the directory that contains all media files for a collection. Media files are usually stored in the your_collection/elements directory relative to the location of the .kno file of the collection, e.g.: c:/sm/systems/your_collection/elements/
    3. target: This is the full path to the file that will be created by and imported into Anki in the next step.
  3. Open Anki, create a new deck, and import the file generated by using File > Import... Use the tab as the delimiter if it is not detected by Anki.
  4. Copy the media files from the SuperMemo collection to "" directory in the same directory as the new Anki deck.

More information

For more details on importing facts and media to Anki visit