Editing and adding new presets

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  1. Download the MIT AI2 project.
  2. Go to app inventor website and register (it's free).
  3. Import the project which was downloaded earlier by using top navigation bar. Click at: "Projects -> Import project (.aia) from my computer"
  4. Click on the newly imported project and click on the "Blocks" button to view the codeblocks of it.

The "Blocks" button is located on the right side.

  1. Navigate around the bottom right of the page and find the preset lists.

See the video at the end of this guide for the exact location.

  1. Edit presets as you wish, their format is: NAME COMA LINK (example: MY_PRESET,http://mywebsite.com)

Keep in mind that the name of the preset cannot include any comas because coma is used to separate the name from link.

  1. To save the project click on "Build" button at the top navigation bar and choose from the 2 options.

1st option (QR code) requires you to have an application on your mobile to scan the code. The 2nd option ("save .apk to my computer") doesn't require it.

The process described above is presented in this video.

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