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changes include special AJAX steps and changes to base_url/framework_host
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@@ -32,11 +32,7 @@ To install Selenium:
## Configuration
-You will probably need to change the base URL that is used during the test process.
-Currently, you have to change it in several places. One of them is main `behat.yml`
-config file. This `base_url` is used when concatenating URLs by
-`SilverStripeContext->joinUrlParts()` method. `admin_url` and `login_url` should not
-be changed in general (unless they are not correct)
+`admin_url` and `login_url` should not be changed unless you customized them somehow.
Optional `screenshot_path` variable is used to store screenshot of a last know state
of a failed step. It defaults to whatever is returned by PHP's `sys_get_temp_dir()`.
@@ -48,7 +44,6 @@ number that failed.
# ...
- base_url: http://localhost
admin_url: /admin/
login_url: /Security/login
screenshot_path: features/screenshots/
@@ -57,8 +52,9 @@ number that failed.
#### MinkExtension
-You will also need to modify `base_url` passed to `MinkExtension`. This one is used
-every time you use relative URL in your feature descriptions.
+You will probably need to change the base URL that is used during the test process.
+It is used every time you use relative URLs in your feature descriptions.
+It will also be used by [file to URL mapping]( in `SilverStripeExtension`.
You also have to change `files_path` path when you want to support file uploads.
Otherwise, you can remove it from the config. Currently only absolute paths are supported.
@@ -78,19 +74,28 @@ to change it if you want to try other driver sessions like `goutte`.
#### SilverStripeExtension
-The next place where you have to change the URL to your site is in `SilverStripeExtension`.
-It is used by [file to URL mapping](
You also can change the path to the SilverStripe framework with `framework_path`.
It supports both absolute and relative (to `behat.yml` file) paths.
+Because SilverStripe uses AJAX requests quite extensively, we had to invent a way
+to deal with them more efficiently and less verbose than just
+Optional `ajax_steps` is used to match steps defined there so they can be "caught" by
+[special AJAX handlers]( that tweak the delays.
+You can either use a pipe delimited string or a list of substrings that match step definition.
# behat.yml
# ...
framework_path: ../../
- framework_host: http://localhost
+ # ajax_steps: "go to|follow|press|click|submit"
+ ajax_steps:
+ - go to
+ - follow
+ - press
+ - click
+ - submit
### Additional profiles

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