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Docker + Rapid Wordpress Development = Dockerpresso

Docker Compose configuration generator for fast Wordpress theme or plugin development.

Getting started

Let's go straight to your shell:

# install dockerpresso
curl -O && chmod +x dockerpresso && mv dockerpresso /usr/local/bin

# create your project directory
mkdir your-new-project && cd your-new-project

# initialize dockerpresso configuration
dockerpresso init

# decide what you want to develop and how to inject that into wordpress installation
subl docker-compose.yml

# run it!
dockerpresso up

Open your Docker host name or ip in your browser. Fresh Wordpress installation with your plugin or theme mounted in wp-content directory is ready to work on!

Quick overview


Dockerpresso is simple sh script. It requires sh, docker and docker-compose to run.

You can install it with following one-liner to put it in /usr/local/bin:

curl -O && chmod +x dockerpresso && mv dockerpresso /usr/local/bin


Once dockepresso is installed start by initializing your project:

dockerpresso init

It will generate following files in your project root:



Contains environmental variables which controls your docker setup and wp-config.php. Defaults should work in most cases, but you may want to review it to adjust to your project needs.


Base docker-compose configuration for two services - web (php and apache) and mysql. This is key file to edit and define how your project will be injected in Wordpress installation. It comes with examples how to mount theme or plugin. Depending on what your project is you will mount it to /var/www/html/wp-content/themes or /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins inside docker container.


Contains configuration for two additional one-time commands services web-cli and mysql-cli. They allow to execute wp-cli commands (managing Wordpress via command line) and run SQL queries. This file should not require any edits.


This is a script where wp-cli can be used to prepare Wordpress installation for your project. This is best place to install required plugins (imagine you are writing WooCommerce plugin, then install and activate WooCommerce here). You can use dockerpresso cli to run those command manually before writing this script. Editing this file is optional.


This is directory exposing all Wordpress files from inside the container. It's a little antipattern thing actually but it's here for convienence. You should consider it as a ephemeral directory where files can be overwriten at any time and are managed by other places such as Dockerpressofile, but it may be very handy to open in your code editor (IDE) other plugins, themes or core wordpress files. This directory should not be renamed or commited into git repository!

Starting up

dockerpresso up

Which will start web and mysql services, make sure that wp-config.php is present and correct. Then it will run script from Dockerpressofile which by default just installs Wordpress.

Every time this command it run it will recreate docker containers making sure current