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Docker Compose configuration generator for fast Wordpress Theme or plugin development.

More information about reasons behind Dockerpresso are presented in this blog post.

Fast start

mkdir your-new-project
cd your-new-project
docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/project michaloo/dockerpresso
vim docker-compose.yml
bash dockerpresso init
vim .env
bash dockerpresso up

Open your Docker host name or ip in browser. Fresh Wordpress installation with your plugin or theme mounted in wp-content directory is ready to work on!


In your project root directory execute:

docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/project michaloo/dockerpresso

It will generate following files in your project root:

  • docker-compose.yml contains base Docker configuration for two services web and mysql.

  • docker-composer.admin.yml contains configuration for two additional one-time commands services web-cli and mysql-cli.

  • dockerpresso is a bash script with simple shortcuts for most common commands.

Please edit docker-compose.yml to enable theme or plugin development.

Basic usage

After installation you can start with following command:

bash dockerpresso init

Which will download latest Wordpress installation and prepare it to work with Docker Compose configuration. It will also create another file .env which will carry all configuration of database and Wordpress. Please fill it (you will need to setup at least following vars: MYSQL_DATABASE, MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_PASSWORD and MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD) and then run:

bash dockerpresso up

Which will start web and mysql services. After launching it you should be able to complete Wordpress installation process when opening in browser your Docker host name or ip.


Dockerpresso project base on following components:

  • michaloo/docker_wp-cli Docker image with WP-CLI tool installed which is a base image for dockerpresso. All download and maintenance commands are done by WP-CLI.

  • michaloo/wp-cli-environmentalize WP-CLI package which injects getenv into wp-config.php to make Wordpress to work on ENV variables set for docker containers.


Docker Compose configuration generator for fast Wordpress Theme or plugin development.



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