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This is experimental plugin for KDevelop that shows information about source code inline with the code. It is very hacky at the moment because not all information that it needs are yet available in the KDevelop DUchain, so it parses on its own in dirty ways.

Required KDevelop version: Current git master - will be probably released as 5.3.0. Required patches:

Required KDE Frameworks version: Current git master - will be released as 5.50.0. Required patches:

Features supported at the moment:

  • Showing function argument names at call site.
  • Showing default values of function arguments in function definition and at call site.
  • Showing the actual type of auto variables.
  • Showing visualisation of struct field sizes and paddings.
  • Showing value of enum constants.


Experimental KDevelop plugin that shows information about code inline.



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