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Zabbix maps icon generator.
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Zabbix maps icon generator.

Tool for generating icon pack to use with Zabbix maps. It simply combines all png's from icons with all png's from status (default: DISABLED, ERROR, MAINTENANCE, OK) and saves them in output directory. Easy to install and update sql scripts are generated at sql directory.

This repository includes some Tango-styled icons.

Example map


  1. Put your icons to "icons" directory. Filename (without png extensions) will preserve as Drop-down names of icons.
  2. Put your statuses to "statuses" directory.
  3. Run python3 ./
  4. Transfer upgrade.sql to you zabbix mysql server.
  5. execute mysql -u root -p [your_zabbix_database] < ./upgrade.sql


Procedure is the same as above (Instalation procedure)

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