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You know what, i'm super lazy to write any README file for this. Also, it's not yet packaged as an easily installable gem. Maybe someday, i'll get back to this. :)

For now, you should stay away from this. If you want to take an adventure, well feel free to take a stab at it.

LICENSE? We'll i haven't reached that point yet. Let's put it this way. I got a lot of the codes you find here from the Unicorn gem. I also mix and match some of our codes and also new codes. I'm still figuring out what license to use here that will encourage innovation and also respect the rights of everyone. So don't contact your precious lawyers yet. Let's focus on getting this version useable by more people. Yeah, i know i should talk to a lawyer first before publishing this code, it's what "conventional" wisdom says so. We'll i'm not conventional and this code is not conventional either.