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Steps that should (at least in theory) get this running

  • download all this code somewhere
  • remember to use Python in version at least 3.5
  • create a virtualenv and activate it unless you know how to get by without it
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • make sure you understand the assumptions the code makes or alter the code
  • python3 migrate
  • python3 createsuperuser for yourself
  • use python3 shell to add some pronouns, or at the very least, a pronoun with reflexive form "themself" – it's more important than you might imagine
  • python3 collectstatic
  • set up a cron job to run python3 runcrons
  • start it up with something like gunicorn, perhaps

Additional steps are necessary to get "there is new content, please refresh page" notifications

  • go into pubsub directory
  • npm install
  • set IO_SOCKET to a file that should be a Unix socket used to communicate with the notifications server
  • nodejs index.js

Assumptions made by the system as it is right now in this source code

  • it is run on domain (this can be changed in, but you should also look for occurences of it in nyuuustead/ and in various templates (I'm really sorry))
  • it is configured in the Django way to send email (set EMAIL_HOST, EMAIL_PORT, EMAIL_HOST_USER, EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD in according to Django docs)
  • it is given the cookie-and-what-not secret key via environment variable SECRET_KEY
  • it has access to a PostgreSQL database nyuuu via a user nyuuu which it can access without password on localhost
  • it can put static files in static directory in current user's home directory, or if home is not set, in static directory right next to
  • static files will be served by nginx or apache or whatever
  • it has access to Redis without password on localhost and it will use either 0th database on it or the one specified by REDIS_DB environment variable
  • admin panel should be available at /adverb/ URL
  • daily notifications should be sent at 13:37
  • the nicest colours are the ones specified in nyuuustead/ in BEST_COLOURS
  • actually my contact info is in templates/registration/activate.html, please don't

What could be done better

  • a lot
  • I'm too tired of this project to think logically now