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Simple JS task timer to keep track of how much time you've spent on which task.
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TaskTimer is a little tool that helps you keep track of how much time you've spent on various tasks. It's really simple, designed to do just that.

View the live demo

Current state

Currently, the interface lets you:

  • Add new tasks
  • Name and rename tasks
  • Start/pause/resume the timer
  • Select which task is active
  • Delete tasks

Upon exploring the code however, you'll find there are also provisions for groups of tasks, enabling you to see an overview of time spent on a selection of your tasks. This still needs figuring out to implement it in the interface.

When you close the page, it will lose all data as no saving is in place yet.

The design is pretty rudimentary at the moment, but that can also be worked on when more functionality is in place.

Planned features

  • Total timer which keeps counting even if there is no active task, above the table
  • Task groups on the interface
  • Use localStorage to store the data for later use

Vague future ideas

  • Keep track of when which tasks where running, use this data to generate a diagram of task distribution over time using <canvas>
  • Use <canvas> for displaying time spent distribution
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