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Jumblar Desktop Beta

@micheal-swiggs micheal-swiggs released this · 1 commit to master since this release

Beta release of demostrating Jumblar functionality.

Windows Users

Download Jumblar.jar and double-click to run.

*nix Users(Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, etc)
Download Jumblar.jar and in the terminal run java -jar Jumblar.jar. To have Jumblar open when double-clicked:

  1. Open a terminal in the directory where Jumblar resides.
  2. Do sudo chmod +x Jumblar.jar and then close the terminal
  3. Right-click on Jumblar.jar and select properties.
  4. For 'Open-with' select Java.


Problems? Comments? Suggestions? Send me a message at swiggsmi87 /-\T hotmail d0t com


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