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Clover.xml parser for TeamCity

This small php script integrates the code coverage information from PHPUnit into TeamCity. The script uses service messages to notify TeamCity of the build metrics (since usage of teamcity-info.xml has been deprecated, and support may be removed in future versions of TeamCity).

The metrics will appear in the TeamCity GUI by default (under the Overview tab for a specific build and under the Statistics tab for your build configuration). As of TeamCity 9, you can easily add custom charts if your reporting needs are more sophisticated (see below).

Additionally, these metrics can be used to enforce standards on builds. For example, you can update your build configuration to enforce that code coverage has not dropped below some pre-determined threshold, or has not dropped by some percentage. See the TeamCity documentation for more information.


Use composer to add teamcity-clover to your project: composer require --dev micheh/teamcity-clover.

Or manually add it to your composer.json file with:

"require-dev": {
    "micheh/teamcity-clover": "~0.6"

To use the script without composer, download the current version and extract the files to a location where TeamCity has access.


Run PHPUnit and make sure to use the --coverage-clover argument to create the clover.xml. Then add another build step to run the teamcity-clover.php script and provide the path to the clover.xml as the only argument, for example: php path/to/teamcity-clover.php If you are using the PHPUnit Meta-Runner from the JetBrains Meta-Runner Power Pack, the above path is where you'll find the clover.xml.


Since TeamCity and PHPUnit do not provide the same code coverage information, the different attributes had to be matched. The code coverage mapping is as follows:

TeamCity PHPUnit Statistic Key Names
Lines Elements CodeCoverageAbsLTotal, CodeCoverageAbsLCovered, CodeCoverageL
Blocks Statements CodeCoverageAbsBTotal, CodeCoverageAbsBCovered, CodeCoverageB
Methods Methods CodeCoverageAbsMTotal, CodeCoverageAbsMCovered, CodeCoverageM
Classes Classes/Traits CodeCoverageAbsCTotal, CodeCoverageAbsCCovered, CodeCoverageC

Custom statistics

In addition to the code coverage, the script will also report custom statistic values to TeamCity. These values do not appear in the web interface by default, but can be used for custom graphs or for build failure conditions.

CRAP Index

PHPUnit calculates a Change Risk Anti-Patterns (CRAP) Index for each method, which depends on the cyclomatic complexity and code coverage (see this question on StackOverflow for more information). The script will report the total, average, and maximum CRAP index to TeamCity, as well as the number and percentage of methods with a CRAP index equal or above a specified threshold (by default 30). You can change the CRAP threshold by providing the --crap-threshold <number> argument to the script. For example, to count all methods with a CRAP index of 20 or more, use php teamcity-clover.php --crap-threshold 20 clover.xml. Set the threshold to 0 to disable the reporting of the CRAP metrics.

Custom Statistic Key Description
CRAPAmount Number of methods with a CRAP index >= threshold (default: 30)
CRAPPercent Percentage of methods with a CRAP index >= threshold (default: 30)
CRAPTotal Total CRAP index (sum of all CRAP indices)
CRAPAverage Average CRAP index over all methods
CRAPMaximum Highest CRAP index reported

Other metrics

In addition, the following various metrics are reported to TeamCity:

Custom Statistic Key Description
Files Amount of files
LinesOfCode Amount of lines of code
NonCommentLinesOfCode Amount of non-comment lines of code

Custom Graphs

Besides the automatically created code coverage graphs, you can create graphs for the custom statistics as well, by updating the <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/main-config.xml. For example:

<graph title="Metrics" defaultFilters="showFailed" seriesTitle="Type">
    <valueType key="Files" title="Files" />
    <valueType key="CodeCoverageAbsCTotal" title="Classes" />
    <valueType key="CodeCoverageAbsMTotal" title="Methods" />
<graph title="Lines" defaultFilters="showFailed" seriesTitle="Type">
    <valueType key="LinesOfCode" title="Lines of code" />
    <valueType key="NonCommentLinesOfCode" title="Non-Comment lines of code" />

If you use TeamCity 9 or newer, you can also add custom graphs directly via the TeamCity web interface, instead of manually editing project XML's. See the TeamCity documentation for more information.


The files in this archive are licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license. You can find a copy of this license in


Use the results from the reported code coverage metrics of PHPUnit (clover.xml) in TeamCity




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