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A Metalsmith plugin that creates compressed copies of the site's content using the Brotli algorithm. This is useful if you want to pre-compress static files and serve them via the nginx brotli static module (ngx_brotli), for example.


$ npm install metalsmith-brotli


var Metalsmith = require("metalsmith");
var brotli = require("metalsmith-brotli");

var metalsmith = new Metalsmith(__dirname)

metalsmith-brotli will compress a file if the extension matches this regular expression:


The choice of files to compress is loosely based on the HTML5 Boilerplate server configuration.

The plugin compresses each matching file. Depending on the overwrite options (see below) the plugin either replaces the original file or creates a new one with the .br extension.


Pass an options object to customize metalsmith-brotli's behaviour. These are the available options keys:

src is a multimatch pattern which specifies which types of files to compress.

var metalsmith = new Metalsmith(__dirname)
    src: ['**/*.js', '**/*.css'] // only compress JavaScript and CSS

brotli is the same configuration object accepted by iltorb.compress. For example, you can set the compression level as follows:

var metalsmith = new Metalsmith(__dirname)
    src: ['**/*.js', '**/*.css'],
    brotli: {
      quality: 11

Add overwrite: true to replace files with the compressed version instead of creating a copy with the .br extension:

var metalsmith = new Metalsmith(__dirname)
    overwrite: true


You need to create a script to upload the compressed versions of the files to your preferred hosting provider yourself. Take care to serve the files with the correct Content-Encoding.


This plugin is based on metalsmith-gzip by Ludovico Fischer, licensed under the MIT License.


metalsmith-brotli is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.