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;; Copyright (C) 2009 Michel Alexandre Salim.
;; see LICENSE.TXT for licensing
;; Port of Kernighan and Pike's simple regex matcher
" The Practice of Programming
Kernighan, Brian and Pike, Rob.
Beautiful Code
Kernighan, Brian
(ed. Oram, Andy and Wilson, Greg)
(defn match
"match searches for re anywhere in the text"
[re text]
(let [rlen (.length re)
tlen (.length text)]
(letfn [(match-here ;;match-here searches for re[ri:] starting at text[ti:]
[ri ti]
(cond (= ri rlen) true
(= (get re (inc ri)) \*)
(match-* (get re ri) (+ ri 2) ti)
(and (= (get re ri) \$)
(= (inc ri) rlen))
(= ti tlen)
(and (not (= ti tlen))
(or (= (get re ri) \.)
(= (get re ri) (get text ti))))
(recur (inc ri) (inc ti))
:else false))
(match-* ;; match-* searches for c*re[ri:] starting at text[ti:]
[c ri ti]
(loop [ti ti]
(cond (match-here ri ti) true
(and (< ti tlen)
(or (= (get text ti) c)
(= c \.)))
(recur (inc ti))
:else false))) ]
(if (= (get re 0) \^)
(match-here 1 0)
(loop [ti 0]
(cond (match-here 0 ti) true
(= ti tlen) false
:else (recur (inc ti))))))))