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Michel de Bree

Freelance Full Stack Java Developer

With 15+ years of experience in complex and dynamic IT landscapes, I am equiped to help you build your automated solutions in an agile and sustainable way.

Currently working with the following techniques:

  • Scrum / Agile SAFE
  • Java 11 / Spring Boot / Hibernate / PostgreSQL / Liquibase
  • ReactJS / REST / JSON / HAL / SOAP / OAuth / JWT/ OpenAPI (Swagger)
  • Linux / Docker / Ansible
  • JUnit / Mockito / Wiremock / Cucumber / Gherkin
  • Git / Bitbucket / Maven / Jenkins / JIRA / Nexus / SonarQube

Personal Information



Year Where Role
2014-present Freelance Full Stack Java Developer
2005-2014 E-ID (now DearNova) Senior Software Engineer
2001-2005 PaC/Imtech ICT (now Axians) Software Engineer
1994-2001 LUMC Developer
1991-1998 Delft University of Technology Student Software Engineering
1984-1991 Het Vlietland College Leiden Student VWO beta
1984 At home Started to teach myself programming

Freelance Projects

I started freelancing in 2014 because I was ready for a next challenge and was seeking more freedom in choice of projects to work on.


Year Customer Project Activities Techniques
2018-now Rijks­waterstaat Legislative rule engine with supporting interfaces Full Stack Developer Java 11, Spring Boot, Hibernate, ReactJS, Docker
2016-2018 Rijks­waterstaat Central integration hub Lead Developer, Scrum Master Java 8, Spring Boot, WSO2, Docker, REST, OAuth, Ansible, Linux
2015-2018 Ministry of IenM Platform-As-A-Service Senior Developer Java, WSO2, Ruby, Amazon EC2, Linux
2014-2015 ING Bank Customer authentication Senior Developer Java, Spring, AngularJS, REST, Linux

Legislative rule engine with supporting interfaces

2018-present @ Rijkswaterstaat

Keywords: Full Stack Developer, Scrum, SAFE, Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, ReactJS, JUnit, Mockito, Cucumber, Gherkin, REST, HAL, JSON, OAuth, JWT, Swagger/OpenAPI, Docker, Postgres, CI/CD, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Maven, Jenkins

Activities: Development of backend and frontend components for the rule engine of the "Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet" that is able to collect the various legislative rules involved in the new law, and apply them. The engine offers several interfaces in the form of REST API's, SOAP services and a ReactJS SPA application.

“Knooppunt”, a central integration hub

2016-2018 @ Rijkswaterstaat

Keywords: Scrum Master, Lead Developer, Agile, Scrum, DevOps, SAFE, Java, Infrastructure as Code, WSO2 ESB, WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Identity Server, REST, JSON, OAuth, Swagger, Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Continuous Integration, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket

Activities: Lead Developer and Scrum Master in a development team for designing and building the central integration hub for applications in the "Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet", which supports the new dutch law "Omgevingswet" for 2019. This will land on the "Standaard Platform". The main focus of the hub is routing, access-control, auditing and self-service for service providers and service consumers. As such it has high demands on availability, performance, scalability, security and privacy. Also I work closely with the Standaard Platform teams for designing new features in the platform that support the use cases for the Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet.

“Standaard Platform”, a modern Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS)

2015-2018 @ Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Keywords: Scrum, DevOps, JIRA, Confluence, Git, Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, Python, Liquibase, Sonar, WSO2 Governance Registry, Selenium, JMeter, JUnit, SOAPUI, Mockito, AngularJS, JAX-RS, REST, JSON, WSO2 API Manager, JEE, JBoss, CDI, Hibernate, JAX-WS, SOAP, Webservices, WSO2 ESB, SSL, SAML2, WSO2 Identity Server, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Graylog, HAProxy, Squid, Apache, RHEL/CentOS 7, Amazon EC2, OpenStack, Ruby, Vagrant

Activities: Development, in a Scrum team, of an automatically provisioned enterprise application platform. I worked on almost all aspects of the platform, especially custom governance components (Java) and automatic provisioning of new infrastructure- and platform components (Ruby). Code review, technical design, writing technical and functional documentation, quality control of code, versioning and DTAP street.

This generic platform is based on the Java platform and open source components. It is scalable, reliable and secure according to industry standards. A new instance of the platform, consisting of several virtual Linux servers in a cloud environment, is provisioned fully automatic from scratch and works out-of-the box. A central governance solution is included for automatic deployment through the DTAP cycle and central configuration and management of the business applications that are hosted on the platform.

Online Banking Customer Authentication

2014-2015 @ ING Bank

Working in a DevOps Scrum team on internet banking applications and services involving customer authentication for online (web) banking transactions.

Keywords: Scrum, DevOps, Java EE, Spring, Maven, AngularJS, REST, JSON, Linux, Websphere, Tomcat, Oracle, Jenkins, Nolio, GIT, Stash, JIRA, Confluence, Sonar, Nexus, Mockito, Protractor, Selenium, Docker, Virtualize, JUnit, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Fortify, SoapUI

Activities: Functional and technical design, client-side (AngularJS) and server-side (Java REST API's and SOAP services) implementation, automated testing, backend integration, code reviews, security audits, automated deployment, incident analysis, automated monitoring, restacking of applications, automated testing, documentation, release and deployment of components through the DTAP street.

Projects for E-ID


For E-ID, now (DearNova) I have been involved in some on-site projects aswell as starting up the software architecture and development pipeline on new in-house projects. The project I have been working the longest on, and has been my personal pet project, are the various incarnations of the public channel to the National Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD). More details about these projects can be found on

Year Customer Project Activities Techniques
2014 DELA (insurance) Online presence overhaul Lead developer / solution architect .NET
2014 KPN (telecom) Order tracking widget Lead developer / solution architect Java, Spring
2013-2014 DPD (logistics) Online sales platform Solution architect .NET, AngularJS
2012-2014 VZVZ (medical) Customer portal for EPD Lead developer / Solution architect .NET, DigiD, SAML2, HL7v3
2013 De Lage Landen (financial services) Vehicle search engine Lead developer ASP.NET, AngularJS, REST
2013 Saltro (medical) Customer portal for laboratory results Lead developer / Solution architect .NET, HL7, jQuery
2012 Ziggo (telecom) Customer portal / cloudservices directory Lead developer / Solution architect Java, Spring, several social media API's
2011-2012 Infinitas (retail) International E-commerce platform Integration developer Java, IBM Websphere Commerce
2010-2011 Didoc (information technology) Paper channel for the EPD Lead developer .NET, DigiD, SAML2, HL7v3
2009-2010 CIBG (government) Customer portal for the EPD Lead Developer, Consultant .NET, SAML2, DigiD, HL7v3
2009 Nictiz (semi-government) Customer portal for the EPD (Prototype) Lead Developer, Solution architect Java, Spring, SAML2, HL7v3
2008-2009 TNT Express (logistics) Internal scheduling tool Development JEE (EJB), Oracle
2005-2007 Aegon Bank (banking) Integration layer and internal tools Development and maintenance JEE (EJB), IBM Websphere

Projects for PaC / Imtech ICT


PaC (later Imtech ICT, now Axians was my first full-time employer. I worked as a developer on various projects for customers. More details about these projects can be found on

Year Customer Project Activities Techniques
2005 Kennisnet (education) Educational search engine Development JEE, Lucene
2005 Imtech ICT Internal resource planning tool Design and development Java
2004-2005 Nedal (industrial) System integration Integration development Java, SOAP
2004 Oasen (facilities) Real time geographical visualization Design and development Java, JSP
2004 De Zaak Launspach (graphical industry) Corporate Identity Management tool prototype Design and development Java
2003-2005 Imtech ICT Corporate CMS Design and development Java, MMBase
2001-2001 FlexiForce (industrial) Desktop application for order configuration Development Visual Basic, SQLServer

Automatic University Exam System @ Leiden University Medical Center


Part time development, during my studies, of the successor to EGEL 2.0, a desktop software package for creating, generating and taking exams for university medical students, including the use of multimedia like photos, movie clips and soundbites.

Keywords: Visual Basic, MS Access.

The most recent version of this cv can be found at

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