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Getting Started

Script to assist in downloading Microsoft Ignite, Inspire or Build contents or return session information for easier digesting.

Video downloads will leverage a utility which can be downloaded from, and needs to reside in the same folder as the script. The script itself will try to download the utility when the utility is not present.

To prevent retrieving session information for every run, the script will cache session information.


  • PowerShell 3.0
  • YouTube-dl.exe (automatic download from here)
  • ffmpeg, (automatic download from here)


Download all available contents of sessions containing the word 'Exchange' in the title to D:\Ignite:

.\Get-EventSession.ps1 -DownloadFolder D:\Ignite -Format 18 -Keyword 'Exchange'

Get information of all sessions, and output only location and time information for sessions (co-)presented by Tony Redmond:

.\Get-EventSession.ps1 -InfoOnly | Where {$_.Speakers -contains 'Tony Redmond'} | Select Title, location, startDateTime

Download all available contents of sessions BRK3248 and BRK3186 to D:\Ignite

.\Get-EventSession.ps1 -DownloadFolder D:\Ignite -ScheduleCode BRK3248,BRK3186



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the for details.

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