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Enables jQuery DataTables to read and display data from an OData service. It support server-side operations like:

  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Global and column filtering
  • Numeric, date and string types
  • Range filter for numeric and date types
  • V4 OData support (only)
  • JSONP requests

How to use

    "oDataUrl": "/odata/People",
  	"oDataViaJsonp": false,	// set to true for cross-domain requests
    "oDataAbort": false, // set to true to cancel previous on-going request
    "ajax": ajaxOData,
    "serverSide": true, // set to true for OData server side filtering and sorting 
    "columns": [
      { data: "Id", type: "num" },
      { data: "Name" },
      { data: "Surname" },
      { data: "BirthPlace" },
      { data: "BirthDate", type: "date" }


  • Type for numeric and date columns must be set in the right way
  • JQuery Globalize is optionally used for number and date parsing


Michele Bersini, inspired from Vida Popovic OData connector (Thanks)

Copyright and license

Copyright 2016 Michele Bersini under the MIT license.