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This is the official documentation for Spectrogram Player.
The project was entirely developed in Python and Jupyter Notebook.
We have an official DEMO here. You can also take a look to our project report.

Project structure

  • Notebooks: contains all the Notebooks written for the comparison between the different algorithms.
  • Deep-GriffinLim-Iteration: contains the source code for the training and testing of Deep GriffinLim Iteration.
  • WebPage Contains the code of our demo web page.


Review of the methods

Methods Input Output Link
Griffin-Lim Linear spectrogram Waveform Librosa's page
MelGAN Mel-Spectrogram Waveform Nvidia catalog - MelGAN
HiFi-Gan Mel-spectrogram Waveform Nvidia catalog - HiFi-GAN
SqueezeWave Mel-spectrogram Waveform Nvidia catalog - SqueezeWave
UniGlow Mel-spectrogram Waveform Nvidia catalog - UniGlow
UnivNet Mel-spectrogram Waveform Nvidia catalog - UnivNet
Deep Griffin-Lim Linear-spectrogram* Waveform Reference Repo

* Deep Griffin-Lim also adds a uniform noise to the original signal.