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Physica is a casual platformer based on a small physics engine. The game was born as a test for the physics engine itself, but later developed into something more complex.

The aim is to move the player's green block from its starting position to its goal - represented by a yellow block - without falling and avoiding dangerous red blocks. Despite this simple description and mechanics, Physica can become a really difficult and challenging game: thus, I suggest you to take the tutorial first, to take some confidence with controls.


By default, you control the green block using the arrow keys. Anyway, you can edit controls settings within the settings panel (just click the gear button in the main menu).


I'd enjoy to have someone partecipating into the project by creating some new levels - I suck at level design.

You can create your own level pack(s) using the pack editor included with the game. To learn how to use it, head to [this page](wiki/Creating level packs).

You can also help translating Physica into your language. See this page for further information.

And please share what you have done! You can open an issue here to contact me or drop me a line at this forum thread on FreeGameDev. I'd be very happy to insert your levels into the main release.


The gameplay is pretty stable and complete, though I'd like to add some more variations to game mechanics: the most relevant would be - if ever I get to add that - liquid and floating bodies simulation. See issue #45 for further info about this.

On the content side, I'll obviously be adding new levels and level packs. An upcoming feature will allow to quickly install whole content packs from the internet (see issue #34 for further info about this).


Please report any bugs to this forum thread](http://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4044) on FreeGameDev or open a new issue on the Physica issues page.

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