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Releases: michelesalvador/FamilyGem

Family Gem 1.0.1

07 Feb 18:18
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Improved app interaction
May sort persons by birthday
Preview of PDF media
Added some tree settings
May unsubscribe Premium
Added help button
Lithuanian language
Several bug fixes
APK not minified to avoid VerifyError on API 19

Family Gem 1.0

24 May 14:47
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Merge two trees (Premium feature)
Sortable tree list
Export GEDCOM with or without media
Detailed errors
Arabic language
Bug fixes
Some code translated into Kotlin

Family Gem 0.9.2

30 Dec 15:38
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Search inside persons list was improved
Added Simplified Chinese, Danish, Slovenian, Central Kurdish, Tigrinya
Profile header redesigned
Fixed permissions bug on Android 13
Great code translation to English
Adopted 4 spaces indentation and standard Java formatting
More JavaDoc

Family Gem 0.9.1

13 Oct 15:31
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You can change the app language in settings
IDs are now editable
Could set lineage for children
Long diagram lines are displayed
Birthday notifications now on time
Added Indonesian and Turkish language
Bug fixes
Some code refactored, formatted and translated to English

Family Gem 0.9

26 May 17:42
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Diagram lines no more overlapping
Multiple partners are always visible
Dark theme
Support for right-to-left layout
Fast scroller for persons list
Added languages Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Persian
Bug fixes
Lab module was deleted

Family Gem 0.8

17 Sep 17:59
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Diagram can display nephews and first cousins, and their descendants
Notifications for birthdays of the tree members
Added Czech, Slovak, Esperanto translations and part of Kannada and Marathi
Dates complete of day and month all across the app
Items count in the main menu
Persons can be sorted by age
Events of person and family have been rearranged
Can move the app to SD-card
Styles revisited
English officially adopted in code

Family Gem 0.7.16

22 Jan 20:13
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Diagram can be exported to PDF
Diagram displays until 100 generations up and 100 down
You can choose where to export GEDCOM and ZIP backup
Dates can be B.C.
Portuguese translation completed
More than 20 bug fixes
Auto Backup adopted

Family Gem 0.7.15

28 Dec 10:54
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Added support for Android 11
Created the media folders manager
Full size photo from camera apps
Added translations for Russian, Serbian and Portuguese (partial)
Completed translation of Norwegian Bokmål

Family Gem 0.7.14

24 Sep 00:23
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User experience improvements.
Better support for adopted children.
Can copy every text to clipboard.
Sorting of families.
Direct import of shared tree.
Can update GEDCOM header.
New translations into German, Dutch, Croatian, Ukrainian and French.

Family Gem 0.7.13

29 Aug 20:43
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Glow around diagram fulcrum.
Corrected lines for wide diagrams.
Improved importing of files.
Translation to Polish and Norwegian Bokmål.
Name types.