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Code repository for the paper [Bajardi et al. EPJ Data Science 2015]

The following IPython Notebooks contain the code that has been used to perform the data analysis of the paper "Unveiling patterns of international communities in a global city using mobile phone data" and allow to reproduce the main results.


IPython Notebooks

IPython notebooks are included with output, clicking on a link will open the corresponding notebook using the nbviewer service.


Running the IPython notebooks

In order to execute the notebooks you will need additional data and a working python environment containing the required dependencies.

Additional Data

Download the complete dataset "Telecommunications - SMS, Call, Internet - MI" inside the project sub-directory data/telco.

Git submodules

Install the required submodules by running:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Python dependencies

Python dependencies can be installed in a virtual environment using the following instructions inside the project root directory:

virtualenv virtualenv
. virtualenv/bin/activate 
pip install -r requirements.txt && pip install tables

To start an IPython notebook server using the newly created virtual environment:

. virtualenv/bin/activate
ipython notebook

Running the notebooks

Select a notebook using the IPython notebook interface and execute its cells. To correctly reproduce the analysis pipeline the notebooks must be executed according to the progressive numbering.


You can report eventual bugs or issues using the GitHub issue tracking tool.


See LICENSE.txt.